Eve Taylor Ultra Soothing products are the perfect solution for rosacea skin and offer a variety of soothing, calming and anti-inflammatory ingredients to reduce redness in the skin.

Ultra Soothing cleanser - Gently cleanses as it nourishes and calms ultra dry or irritated skins and can be used as a mini masque for times when the skin flares up.

Ultra Soothing Toner - Is an amazing formulation packed with potent anti-inflammatory Horse chestnut to strengthen capillaries and Linden Blossom to reduce redness and calm irritation.

Ultra Soothing Moisture Cream - Anti-inflammatory plants extracts of Borage Seed and Comfrey to calm red, reactive skin while providing a protective barrier to help restore and strengthen the skins barrier function.


Products available to buy in Salon and our Ultra Soothing Facial £40





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